Fun things

I like to use game jams to exercise assets, techniques or skills I haven't used before or think need polishing.  This time, I got to do 3 :)

  1. Exercise the Jelly Mesh asset I've had for a while and have been thinking to integrate into my game Snowman Scuffle.
  2. Practice my Blender skills including texture painting and my first time doing low-poly faceted aesthetic.
  3. Try out Unity's ScriptableObject facility for singletons and unified settings per @SuperPig's excellent video.

I also streamed almost all of development and kept things flexible as I went, taking suggestions from viewers and following where the fun looked like it might be :)

The game originally started with this description:

Dangle ridiculous stuff in a comedic attempt to catch a kawaii kitten to cuddle! 

This is only an in-development prototype so far to test performance, etc.  There's none of the intended eventual gameplay in yet!  The plan is that you control a fishing rod from which something silly dangles.  You wave it around trying to get the kittens' attention then try to hook them out.  You get cuddles (points) on success!

After 1 day and only having a physics cat, I realized I might not have time for dangling so I switched directions.  Also, as soon as I got 1 fish into the physics system as well, it was just too funny watching them flopping about.  Couple that with the GPU load of the fur shader and I figured it was probably the better way to go!

I still ran out of time before finishing but think the game is a lot more complete than it would have been otherwise.

Let me know your thoughts!  Would you have preferred the original version?

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