Assets and thanks

I usually use game jams to exercise Unity assets I've previously bought but haven't yet experimented with and integrated into 'real' games.  This time, I decided to exercise "Jelly Mesh" and, despite having used it previously, "Imperial Fur".

I used "Text Mesh Pro" for nice text.

I had to replace the (outdated) "Cinemachine Camera" controller I'd started with with the "Ootii Camera Controller" after the prior took too much time trying to get it doing what I wanted (a free-flowing follow-cam).

Joyce @MinionsArt water shader:

The rest of this are things to get stuff done in time...

I used some free low-poly tree Unity assets:


Thanks to all who joined on the stream and especially to the folks on @MinionsArt Discord who inspired and kept me going :)

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Dec 10, 2017

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