Fishy Kitties


This is the day 1/2 log.  That was Friday morning and evening.  (I went mountain biking in the afternoon -- gotta look after your body, huh!)


In MinionsArt's Discord, user Jay suggested fishing for kittens.  I said "wut?!" and he explained it's when you dangle things like wool over a cat and they attempt to swipe it.  Thus was my silliest game design idea created.


I usually use game jams to exercise Unity assets I've previously bought but haven't yet experimented with and integrated into 'real' games.  This time, I decided to exercise "Jelly Mesh" and, despite having used it previously, "Imperial Fur".


I got them both into a Unity project and, using the JellyMesh sample scene as a base, I set to applying fur shader to a mesh controlled by the jellyness.  Worked great though obviously didn't look much like a kitten.  After a quick search for kawaii cats, I started modelling in Blender.  End of day one, I have something kitten-like that bounces around.

Last things of the day was importing another asset I've been meaning to try -- "Text Mesh Pro" -- to compose a "front screen".  Last thing was uploading to  Surprisingly easy.  Finished at 1am.


Here's video (from a little earlier in the day)

Not bad but not really fishing-related yet.

Try it!

Here's a link to playable version from this day (I think it'll work until I update).  Go have a play.  It's all very early but shows some of the sillyness nicely.  Let me know your thoughts or ideas -- I'm happy to flex with suggestions.


Actual gameplay!  Oh, also I might stream development on my Twitch.


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