A (WIP) game for GMTK (Game Maker's ToolKit) Jam 2018!

The gamejam's theme is "genre without mechanic" so I'm building a platformer without player control... of the character.  Instead the character is controlled by an AI player.  Instead, the human player places platforms to try to get the character to the goal.

Btw, since I'm focusing on mechanics first, I'm using the Unity platformer sample project as my base (mostly for the graphics).  My actual graphics will be much worse that these -- I'm planning stick figures and graph paper :D  Hence, I will present...

Game Maker's Pencil Case !


Rotate then drag the pencils where you want them to help get our clunky hero to his stereotype love.  (Please full-screen for best play.)

P.s. Please don't rate the art -- it was originally placeholder -- it's the Unity platformer sample art because I wanted to focus on the game design.  I did finish 60% of my main character's animation sheet but it's just not enough to work so I've stuck with the placeholder.

p.p.s. I've just noticed the win condition isn't working in this build :(  Not sure if I can upload another one separately with a fix (?)

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